Gregory Kawaimaka Solatorio

Greg is one of Anakala Pilipo’s six children and is the only son currently residing in Halawa Valley. Like his father, he too has been chosen to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture. Greg grew up hunting, fishing, and working in Halawa Valley before leaving Molokai for Oahu to start a family. He has recently returned to the valley to manage the family farm and follow in his father’s footsteps.

Anakala Pilipo Solatorio

Pilipo is the last living Hawaiian descendent to be born and raised in Halawa who still resides there. He was chosen at the age of five to be the cultural practitioner for his family. This honor meant he was given the responsibility of carrying on their traditions and cultural practices. Today he does this by educating both kama`aina and visitors through his stories, songs, hula, and aloha. Pilipo is one of the few witnesses of the April 1st 1946 tsunami still living.