• Halawa Banner Your Journey Begins...
    Join the Solatorio Ohana as you venture
    into one of the few remaining pristine
    valleys left in Hawaii. Learn about the
    rich history of the valley through family
    members born and raised right in Halawa.
  • Experience Halawa...
    See the remnants of a population long
    gone. Your journey back into the valley
    will take you past miles of ancient rock
    walls and massive boulders placed
    carefully by the original valley
  • From the shores...
    View the beauty of the double bay at the
    mouth of the river. Stroll the beach for
    puka shells. Then, journey back into the
    jungle and visit the Solatorio Hale for a
    tale of Hawaiian history unlike any others
    told in the islands.
  • To the waterfalls...
    See the crown jewels of the valley
    Mo’oula Falls and Hipuapua Falls. Swim
    in the massive pool at the head of Halawa
    river. Gaze at the petroglyphs and
    etchings left by the first explorers to
    the valley. Marvel at the grand natural
    beauty that is Halawa.


Listen to the stories and history of the valley from the men who were born and raised here.


Hike through the heart of the Halawa valley past cultural landmarks and countless ancient rock features.


Swim in the refreshing pond beneath Mo`oula Falls and enjoy your lunch, the view, and the aloha of the valley.

This is the only Halawa Valley hike with Greg Kawaimaka Solatorio and his unique perspective.

Hike requirements due to COVID-19
Due to the COVID-19 we are requiring everyone who comes on our tour to show proof of their negative COVID-19 test, which was needed upon entry to Maui County (Molokai). You will also have your temperature taken. Anyone with a fever of 100.4 or flu like symptoms will not be allowed to take the tour (and will not be refunded). Everyone (above the age of 4) is required to wear a protective face mask for the duration of the hike (no exceptions).

We care for two high risk kupuna and can not take any chances. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.